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About Simulcast

Simulcast allows buyers and sellers to participate in an auction online. Virtual buyers gain entrance into the lanes and sellers can represent their vehicles remotely.

Why use Simulcast?

Simulcast helps you:

  • Bid without leaving your dealership
  • Utilize multiple auction locations
  • Find an effective way to purchase specifically targeted vehicles and for consignors to gain visibility for their products


  • The pre-sale catalog is subject to change at any time prior to the sale.
  • It is the responsibility of the buyer to verify all vehicle information prior to the time of the sale.
  • Arbitration policies apply to the sale of these vehicles.
  • You must click Bid to participate in the bidding on a vehicle.

Proxy Bidding Rules

Entering Proxy Bids

  • Your account must have a valid email address.
  • Your proxy bid represents the maximum amount you’re willing to pay for the vehicle.
  • Proxy bids can only be entered in amounts divisible by 50.
  • Your proxy bid is not visible to auction employees, sellers, or other bidders.
  • Your proxy bid will be rounded down to the closest bid increment used by the auctioneer

  • When entering a proxy bid, you must select the dealership you are bidding on behalf of.

  • When a car is given a proxy bid amount, it’s automatically added to the Simulcast Watch and Proxy List.

  • Proxy bids may be entered, edited, or deleted any time before the vehicle reaches the block. When the vehicle is on the block, proxy bids may not be entered, edited, or deleted.
  • If the vehicle leaves the block as a no-sale, the auction may rerun it. You will have an opportunity to enter a proxy bid, or edit or delete existing proxy bids at any point before the vehicle reaches the block.

How Proxy Bids Are Used

  • Proxy bids will be applied when the vehicle is on the block, after the first lane or online bid is accepted for that vehicle.
  • If two proxy bids are put in for the same amount, the bid will go to the person whose bid has the earlier timestamp.
  • If a vehicle no-sales the first time it crosses the block, the proxy bids will be applied again each subsequent time the vehicle crosses the block on that sale day.
  • If we receive updated vehicle condition information while the car is on the block, Manheim will cancel all proxy bids. This is done for your protection.

Proxy Bid Notifications

  • No notification of your proxy bid status will be provided prior to the start of the sale.
  • For every proxy bid you enter, you will receive either:
    • A notification email, if you are outbid
    • A purchase confirmation email, if you win the vehicle
    • A proxy cancelation email, if your proxy bid was canceled

Desktop FAQs


Does it cost anything to buy on Simulcast?
A small buyer’s fee applies to each vehicle you purchase on Simulcast. This is in addition to the normal buyer’s fee charged by each Manheim auction.

What are my arbitration rights when purchasing a car on Simulcast?
The NAAA Arbitration Policy applies to the sale of these vehicles.

I clicked the “Bid” button and just after my bid, the car was sold. What happened to my bid?
If you are participating with a slower Internet connection, bids will sometimes arrive after the auctioneer has already sold the vehicle. Please attempt to bid earlier in the bidding process in order to alert the auctioneer that you have interest in that vehicle.

I just purchased a car on Simulcast. What happens next?
After you buy a vehicle on Simulcast, we’ll send you a purchase confirmation email with a link to your invoice. If you’re a U.S. dealer, you’ll also get a summary email when you log out of the sale that recaps your purchases during the Simulcast session. Canadian dealers will get this information from the facilitating location. Depending on the purchase preferences you choose after the sale (payment, post-sale inspection, transportation), the facilitating location may contact you for more information.


What is a closed sale? Why can’t I view it?
Closed sales are restricted so that only certain buyers can participate. Anyone can view the pre-sale inventory, but only authorized dealerships will be able to enter the sale. If you believe that you should have access to a closed sale, please call Client Care at 1-866-MANHEIM (626-4346).

Why do I receive the message “User already logged in. Override login?”
Two devices are logged in with the same username and are trying to view the same Simulcast sale. This can happen because:

  • Another person is using your login and viewing the sale
  • You are trying to switch from one device to another

Simulcast will ask if you want to override the other login. Clicking OK will disconnect the other account/device.

Why doesn’t anything happen when I try to enter the sale?
Your browser’s pop-up blocker is most likely causing this. There are two ways to resolve this issue.

  • Disable the pop-up blocker. Follow your browser’s instructions to allow all pop-ups to display.
  •  Allow only Manheim pop-ups to display: Follow your browser’s instructions to add an exception for https://* (This is not available in Safari.)

Learn more about managing pop-ups for a particular browser:

The sale is running and I can see video, but I have no audio. Why?

  • Make sure that your computer’s sound is not turned down or muted, and that any external speakers are correctly connected to your computer.
  • Hover over the Simulcast video display with your mouse and a volume control will appear. Ensure the sound is not turned down or muted.
  • Ensure your browser’s sound is not muted.

If you’ve performed these checks and still do not hear audio, please call Manheim Client Care at 1-866-MANHEIM (626-4346).

Why does the video look choppy?
Our system chooses the best video quality based on your connection speed. You may see high-quality video, low-quality video, or a photo.

Why am I seeing a photo instead of a video?
You may see a photo instead of a video if you are viewing a photo-only sale or vehicle. View Video will show you lane activity, but not a video of the vehicle.

Why is the vehicle description lagging behind the video of the car that is currently in the lane?
As when attending a physical auction, vehicles commonly leave the auction lane before bidding is completed.

Recommended System Requirements


You can now use any modern browser with Simulcast without installing a plug-in. Simulcast works best on browsers that are up to date. If you’re not sure whether your browser is up to date, you can check by visiting, or you can also try switching to a browser that updates automatically.

Internet Connections

In general, a wired Internet connection gives you the best Simulcast experience.

Best                               High-speed wired
Good                              High-speed wireless
Acceptable                   Cellular (3G/4G)

Recommended Hardware

Computer Memory        8 GB+

Processor                    Quad-Core CPU i7
                                       Faster than 2.7 GHz
                                       With a dedicated graphics card

Recommended Operating Systems

Windows The latest version of Windows 10

Mac OS 10.15 Catalina or higher

Best Practices

Other Programs

Avoid running a virus scan at the same time as Simulcast. The normal background activities of antivirus programs like Norton or Windows Security are fine, but running an active system scan can interfere with your experience.

Network Help

If you’ve been using Simulcast for more than a few months, your system might have old port and IP information. To continue getting audio and video, ensure your Internet and Firewall settings are up-to-date.

Because multiple Simulcast streams can use up all available resources on a proxy server, we don’t recommend using a proxy. If you’re required to use a proxy, please grant access to and

Note: These directions are designed for IT specialists. We recommend asking your company’s system or network administrator to confirm these settings.

Simulcast Mobile FAQs

What is Simulcast on Mobile?

Simulcast on Mobile is a feature of the Manheim mobile application, which allows customers to participate in Simulcast sales from their Apple/Android devices (smartphones and tablets).

Why should I use Simulcast on Mobile?

Simulcast on Mobile lets you attend a sale from wherever you are — your dealership lot, your home, your office, even the airport — anywhere you have an available Internet connection. It also allows you to bid in multiple auctions at the same time. For instance, you can be at the auction bidding on one vehicle, and still bid on inventory in a different lane or location.

How will I benefit from using Simulcast on Mobile?

With Simulcast on Mobile, you are no longer required to physically be at the auction or on your computer. Manheim has provided you the flexibility to interact from anywhere you have Internet connectivity.

I have never used Simulcast — how do I get started?

To participate in Simulcast sales, you must be a registered dealer with a Manheim username and password. To sign up, please visit For additional assistance, contact Manheim Customer Care at 1-866-MANHEIM (626-4346).

How do I use Simulcast on Mobile from my mobile device?

For the optimal experience, we recommend that you download the free Manheim app. Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play, search for “Manheim,” and install the app onto your mobile device. Then, log in to get started.

On the home screen, click Simulcast to see available inventory and participate in today’s sale. You may also access sales from pre-sale inventory, search result, vehicle summary, or vehicle detail pages.

Is Simulcast on Mobile available for buyers and sellers?

At the moment, Simulcast on Mobile is only available for buyers.

What about vehicle announcements? Will I still see those?

Simulcast on Mobile shows the light system (red, yellow, green, and blue), as well as a running display of announcements and remarks about the vehicle currently on the block.  If the block clerk enters any additional information, you’ll also see that.

Why can’t I see the list of vehicles I bought?

Simulcast on Mobile does not currently feature Your Buys, available on traditional Simulcast. However, your purchased vehicles will be highlighted in the listings. In addition, you’ll see sold vehicles (and who purchased them) and no sales.

Why don’t I see all the vehicle information?

To provide you with the optimal experience for your device, vehicle details are displayed in a mobile-friendly format. Basic information displays by default, and any category may be collapsed or expanded as needed.

What happens after I buy the vehicle?

As with traditional experience, you will receive a confirmation email after you purchase a vehicle. At the end of your session, you will also receive a summary of all your purchases.

If I buy a car in the lane on Simulcast on Mobile, does my purchase adhere to Manheim in-lane or online policies?

All purchases made via Simulcast on Mobile will adhere to online policies.

What Apple iOS versions are supported for Simulcast on Mobile?

To participate in Simulcast on Mobile on your iPhone or iPad, we recommend that you have iOS 5.0 or higher. Please note that if you choose to use an older iOS version, you may not experience optimal performance.

What else do I need to do to participate in Simulcast on Mobile?

To participate, you should make sure you have the most current version of the Manheim app.

What about buyer fees? Are the Simulcast on Mobile fees the same as the ones for traditional Simulcast?

Yes, our standard $50 Simulcast buyer fee still applies.

Should I use Wi-Fi or my cellular data network to participate in Simulcast on Mobile?

For the best experience, we recommend that you use Wi-Fi. However, you can still participate via your cellular data network.

Can I participate in a remote lot or independent auction sales?

Currently, remote lot and independent auctions are not included in Simulcast on Mobile sales.