What is Selling Center?

Selling Center uses live and historical data to help sellers make real-time, educated decisions during a sale, remotely and on the block.

How can Selling Center help me make better decisions for vehicle sales?

One view of your registered vehicles

  • Online access to auction run list and block summary
  • View current vehicle information, including MMR, Floor, Age Days, and Times Run

Manage sales, remotely and on the block

  • View and update the floor pricing
  • Manage your sales with live and historical data


  • Ability to print, share, and export run lists
  • Share stats, notes and other vehicle information with other dealers across the rooftop

How do I sign-up to use Selling Center?

Anyone who sells vehicles at a Manheim auction, in the lane or Simulcast, has access to Selling Center.  

Where can I find Selling Center?

Log into and look under the Sell tab.

Is there a fee to use Selling Center?

No. Selling Center is currently available to all Manheim Sellers at no cost.

What type of reports can I print from Selling Center?

You can print, email and export sales, vehicle and dealer statistics as well as a pre- and post-block summaries.

What devices support Selling Center?

Selling Center is optimized for desktop/laptop, tablets and most smart phones.

Who should I contact if I have any questions?

Call Manheim Customer Care at 1-866-MANHEIM (626-4346), Mon-Sat, 8am-12am and Sun 6pm-10pm ET or send an email to