Bidding on Vehicles in a Real-Time Auction

Save time and money with Simulcast from Manheim. Take part in auctions across North America and bid in real time from anywhere.


Start Your Search

Logging In

First, log into and navigate to Simulcast Sales.

Simulcast Buyer's Guide - Image 1

1. Enter Username and Password, then click SIGN IN.

2. Select Simulcast Sales.

Sales Schedule

After you log into, you can find inventory through the Simulcast Sales Schedule. Sales Schedule can be filtered by Auction Location, Cosigner and Sale Date/Time. The Pre- Sale Inventory also is available before entering a Simulcast Sale.

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Filter Sales Schedule By

1. Auction Location or Consigner

2. Sale Date or Sale Time


Pre-Sale Inventory

3. Pre-Sale Inventory can be accessed by clicking the designated links that will direct you to the Pre-Sale page.



Pre-Sale Inventory

Research vehicle details, find information on inspections and sale disclosures, or submit a Proxy Bid in a upcoming sale in the Pre-Sale Inventory list.

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  1. Vehicle Details
  2. Enter Proxy
    • A Proxy Bid lets you enter a maximum bid amount for a vehicle. Our system will bid for you, so you don’t miss out on the vehicles you want. It will also automatically add a Watch to the vehicle and add it to your Watchlist.
  3. Add to Watchlist



No auction employee can see your proxy bid. Your proxy bid will be rounded down to the closest bid increment used by the auctioneer.


Enter Sale

Sale Disclosures

Research vehicle details, find information on inspections and sale disclosures, or submit a Proxy Bid in a upcoming sale in the Pre-Sale Inventory list.


Before you are able to bid, you will need to be registered with Auction Access and registered for specific auctions with When you click the Enter Sale button, you will be redirected to the Dealer Registration page where you will see a list of Dealerships associated with your profile. Click the Represent checkboxes to select the Dealership(s) you are bidding for.

 Contact Information

Enter your contact information. Contact information entered on the Dealer Registration page will only affect purchases in this sale and does not change the contact information associated with your account.

Note: Purchase confirmations will only be sent to the email address entered on the Dealer Registration page.

 Terms & Conditions

After reading the terms and conditions of the sale, click Enter Sale to continue


Get Familiar with Simulcast

Once you click the Enter Sale button, Simulcast will open in a pop-up window. Different parts of the screen will tell you about the auctions, the vehicles being sold, and your account.


Auction Information

Simulcast Buyer's Guide - Image 4

  1. Auction Name
  2. Sale Title
  3. Bullhorn – Important auction announcements about the operating location or sale
  4. Run List


Vehicle Information

Simulcast Buyer's Guide - Image 5

  1. Auction Lights – These lights provide a quick summary of the condition information provided in Manheim vehicle reports.
    • RED – Vehicle sold ‘as is’
    • YELLOW – Vehicle sold under announced conditions
    • GREEN – Vehicle free of any known major defects
    • BLUE – Title is absent

3. Lane and Run Number4. Year/Make/Model/Trim
Simulcast Buyer's Guide - Image 6

4. Vehicle Video or Photo – Most Simulcast sales have streaming video and one or more still photos available. Our system chooses the best video quality based on your connection speed. You may see a top-tier video, a mid-tier video, or a photo. These options ensure that Simulcast works properly, so you can continue to bid. Also, in the bottom left corner of the video streaming box, there is a volume button that will allow you to control the volume.

5. Photos – Clicking on the Photo tab allows you to view larger photos within the tab

6. Odometer – The mileage can be found both next to the Auction Lights and within the Block Vehicle tab

7. Block Vehicle Information

8. Condition Report – Clicking on the CR tab allows you to view the full condition report with the tab



Run List

Scroll the entire Run List to see the upcoming vehicles at the start or during the sale.


  1. Linked CR Icon & Grade – Click on the CR icon or grade to open a pop-up window and view the full CR report.
  2. Linkable Adj. MMR Indicators – Click on the Adj. MMR value to open a pop-up window and view the full MMR report.
  3. Status Indicators – View status of vehicles that have run through the block to quickly identify “No Sale” vehicles.
  4. Watchlist – Vehicles you have a Watch and/or have a proxy bid on will be indicated by a green check icon.
  5. Back to Block – Select to return to the vehicle on the block at anytime during the sale.



Condition Report

The Condition Report appears as a pop-up when you click the CR chip either within the Block Vehicle tab or on the Run List. The pop-up window will allow you to scroll through the report giving you the ability to make more informed decisions about your vehicle purchase. The CR provides information on the vehicle condition, as well as suggests repair recommendations. For example, see below with the InSight Condition Report.

 ADJ. MMR (Manheim Market Report)

The Adjusted MMR appears as a pop-up containing the following information:

Simulcast Buyer's Guide - Image 9

  1. Previous and Next Vehicle – View MMR data for the next and previous vehicles within the sale.
  2. Base MMR – The average value of this type of vehicle based on typical price range, average odometer and average condition grade.
  3. Adjusted MMR – The value of this specific vehicle based on its odometer, location, CR and color.

  4. Transactions – A list of transactions for this vehicle type. These transitions can be both filtered and exported by using the Filter and Export icons in the upper right corner of this section.

  5. Historical and Projected Average – The average value of this vehicle type for the past 30 days, 6 months, and year. Also, the Projected Average value for the next month is provided.
  6. Estimated Retail Value – The average selling price to the public based on advertised retail prices.

Account Information

Simulcast Buyer's Guide - Image 10

1. Bidder Information – Indicates the following

2. Change Dealer – Click the dropdown arrow here to change the dealership you are representing for this particular vehicle.

3. My Buys – Shows which vehicles you have won.

Start Bidding

Simulcast Buyer's Guide - Image 11

If the Bid button is green, you can bid at the amount shown. Because you are competing against other dealers, the person who clicks first will bid for the displayed bid value.

Note – Clicking the Bid button does not guarantee that your bid will be accepted by the auctioneer.


The Waiting for Next Vehicle Info button displays for the following reasons:

Note – No Sale vehicles either did not get any bids or the seller did not wish to sell at the offered price.

Understanding the Bid History

The Bid History tracks all bids submitted at the location or via Simulcast. You may see the following messages in the Bid History:


  1. Waiting for Next Vehicle – No bidding is occurring. A new vehicle is coming into the lane
  2. Ask – The auctioneer is trying to establish the starting bid for the given vehicle
  3. Sold (Green Text) – The vehicle has been sold to the highest bidder. If you are the winner, your name will be in this message, and the vehicle will show up in the My Buys tab
  4. New Run – A new vehicle has come up on the block
  5. New Announcement/New Remark/New Problem File/Odometer Changes – There is new information for the vehicle being sold
  6. My Bid – You have placed a bid for the amount shown
  7. Online Bid – A Simulcast bid has been placed for the amount shown
  8. Lane Bid – An in-lane bid has been placed for the amount shown
  9. If Sale (Green Text) – The high bid has been conditionally accepted by the Seller
  10. Light Status Changed – The auctioneer has changed the active auction light color of the vehicle being sold
  11. Block Retracted Previous Bid – The auctioneer has cancelled the most recent bid
  12. Sale Pending (Green Text) – An offer is being reviewed and/or negotiated

After the Sale

Complete Your Purchase

If you have bought a vehicle, you can see your purchase summary by clicking the My Buys tab in the bottom left corner of the Simulcast screen. There are two ways to complete your purchase process. You can click the Post-Sale Management link from the top of this screen or locate the details from your Simulcast Notification email (shown in the next page). From the Post-Sale Management page you can arrange:

If you have questions, please email or call Manheim Client Care at 1-866-MANHEIM (626-4346), Mon- Sat 8a-12am ET.

You may receive email notifications concerning a vehicle after it has left the block.

Email Type What You Will Receive What This Means

Purchase Confirmation 

Immediately after the vehicle you have purchased leaves the block. You have purchased a vehicle through Simulcast. This email will include a link to access your invoice.

Conditional (IF) Sale Confirmation

Immediately after the vehicle you have won leaves the block. The sale is pending subject to verification and you must contact the auction to determine the status of the vehicle.

Sale Summary Confirmation

When the sale session has ended, and you have purchased at least one vehicle (U.S. bidders only). A recap of all your purchases during your Simulcast Session

Proxy Outbid 

As soon as your proxy has been outbid. Your proxy bid was not the highest bid.


If your proxy bid was not processed due to a problem with your account at the time of the sale. Your proxy bid(s) won’t be processed until the problem with your account at the time of the sale. Contact Manheim
Customer Care at 1-866-MANHEIM (626-4346)

Proxy Bid Not High Enough

As soon as your proxy has been outbid.

Your proxy bid was:

  • Higher than the sale price, then it was not

    high enough to place the next bid.

  • Equal to the sale price, then someone else

    bid the winning amount earlier. 

Proxy Bid Cancelled

As soon as your proxy has been cancelled.

For your protection, Manheim has cancelled your proxy bid for one of the following reasons:

  • Announcement was added or changed
  • Problem File was added or changed

  • Vehicle now being sold As-Is
  • Odometer updates of 500 or more miles

Note: Proxy notification emails are sent to Simulcast proxy users. These emails are sent to the email provided or updated on the Dealer Registration page.