Mobile Auctions Help

What is a Mobile Auction?

Mobile Auctions bring the Manheim auction to you and are held at non-traditional locations, such as the back lot of a dealership, a hotel, convention center or race track. From technology to personnel, Manheim provides everything needed to facilitate the sale, including Simulcast live streaming.

What are the benefits (what’s in it for me)?

For buyers, a Mobile Auctions offers convenience and simplicity. They get the convenience of being able to attend a Manheim auction that’s closer to home. It cuts time away from the dealership and travel expenses. The sales are also easier to navigate – buyers only have to monitor one lane – plus, they get more personalized service.

For sellers, Mobile Auctions offer the highest conversion rate of any sale at Manheim, averaging greater than 70%. All that is needed is the inventory. Manheim handles everything from operations to marketing. Our sales are flexible and can be hosted in any location a seller has available – from a field to the back of a dealership, which helps reduce transportation costs. Sellers benefit from guaranteed funds and more competition for their cars because all eyes are on their inventory. The sale is also broadcast via Simulcast to maximize exposure to all interested buyers.

Both buyers and sellers benefit from partnering with Manheim, the leader in wholesale auctions.

Who is eligible to attend a Mobile Auction?

Unless the Mobile Auction is a closed sale, anyone who is eligible to attend a traditional auction at Manheim can attend a Mobile Auction.

What services are available at a Mobile Auction?

Depending on the venue, Mobile Auctions offer many of the same services as traditional Manheim auctions. This starts with an auctioneer, ringman and all personnel needed to host the auction. Available services typically include condition reports, arbitration, PSI and DealShield. All mobile sales have Simulcast, enabling dealers nationwide to participate online.

Where does Manheim currently offer Mobile Auctions?

Manheim currently hosts more than two dozen Mobile Auctions across North America, with more being added regularly.

Who do I contact for more information?

If interested in buying from or hosting a Mobile Auction, please contact Greg Milam, National Mobile Sales Manager, at

After I request to host a Mobile Auction, how long before it is conducted?

There are many factors that go into hosting a Mobile Auction, all of which must be fully considered and vetted before a sale may be held.  Due to differences in state and county legislations, the timing for how long it will take to host a Mobile Auction will vary between locations. Please contact Greg Milam at, who can assist with facilitating this process and answering any questions during the discovery phase of hosting a Mobile Auction for the first time.

What types of success have other dealers had with these types of sales?

Dealers have experienced great success with Mobile Auctions; from large clients who appreciate they do not have to transport their inventory to smaller clients who appreciate the more personalized service and autonomous control of the sale. The most notable success dealers have experienced thus far is winning new business, either from new customers or from previous ones.