Manheim Certified

What are Manheim Certified Vehicles?

Sellers, are you worried about not getting bids or the possibility of arbitration on your vehicles? Buyers, are you concerned about the quality of vehicles you are purchasing? Getting a vehicle Manheim Certified can remove these worries.

Manheim Certified vehicles are inspected to ensure they meet NAAA Certified Silver standards. These vehicles come with a 7-day/300-mile guarantee, allowing you to purchase with confidence, and if you are selling, you do not have to worry about arbitration for mechanical issues covered by the inspection.

Seller Benefits

  • No need to worry about vehicle arbitration*
  • Boost sales conversion rates
  • More bids per vehicle

*Vehicles must pass the Manheim Certified inspection and the claim must be related to the non-Condition Report points of the inspection.

Buyer Benefits

  • More reliable vehicles
  • 7-day vehicle repair guarantee
  • Vehicles independently vetted prior to purchase

Qualification for Manheim Certified

  • NAAA Silver standards
  • Vehicle must be under 125k miles
  • Original or OEM replacement engine only
  • Must complete an InSight Condition Report before certification
  • Green light or Green/Yellow light vehicles only

Our Guarantee

  • 7 days or 300 miles from date/location of sale
  • Manheim will be responsible for claims after the sale (If vehicle passes certification, and claim is related to non-CR certification element)

Manheim Certified is only available at participating locations. See our Sale Policies for more information about our inspection guarantees.


Get Manheim Certified

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