Manheim/OVE Marketplace Policies

Terms of Use Visitor Agreement / Visitor Agreement

By using and/or, you agree to abide by the terms of our visitor agreements. These agreements provide information about general provisions, features we provide to our members, disclaimers, and more. 
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Privacy Policy respects the privacy of its users. This policy outlines the information that collects online and what it does with this information. 

Next Inspect Terms of Use

Terms which govern use of the Next Inspect application 

Manheim Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions outline the policies that apply when you attend any Manheim auction or use any Manheim service

Manheim Customer Code of Conduct

To provide a safe and secure environment and to ensure the legitimacy of transactions occurring at Manheim auction locations and online, Manheim has adopted the terms of this Customer Code of Conduct

In-lane and Simulcast Digital Imaging Policy

This policy has been established to cover any vehicle that is delivered to any Manheim auction (each a “Manheim Auction”) location to enable a consistent and fair marketplace and provide our buyers with information to assist them in making informed purchasing decisions. 

Late Payment Policy

These terms provide you with clear, consistent information for a better payment experience with Manheim.


NAAA Rules and Guidelines

NAAA Arbitration Policy 

Arbitration for vehicles sold under the Manheim sale light system is governed by the NAAA Arbitration Policy.

NAAA Limited Guarantee Overview

This overview provides background and summary information about the NAAA limited guarantee. For full details of the limited guarantee, please see Section II (Sale Light System) and Appendix I (NAAA Arbitration Policy Guidelines) of the NAAA Arbitration policy.

NAAA Generic Condition Report Position Statement

Manheim uses the NAAA Generic CR Position Statement to resolve condition report related disputes unless Digital Buyer Protection is applicable.

NAAA’s Advanced Driver Assist System Position Statement

Due to safety concerns, the NAAA Auction Standards Committee recommends any/all ADAS related concerns be investigated by a qualified 3rd party (as determined by Auction company representative) outside the auction property.

NAAA Chip Shortage Position Statement 

Manheim uses the NAAA Chip Shortage Position Statement to resolve issues related to missing or substituted OEM chips.

NAAA Subscription Services Position Statement

Manheim uses the NAAA Subscription Services Position Statement to resolve issues related to transferability of options, equipment, or software services that are based on user subscriptions or fee-based agreements.

Open Safety Recall Awareness

Manheim supports the National Auto Auction Association’s position statement about recalls from the motor vehicle manufacturers, as well as the NAAA Arbitration Policy.

Manheim Specific Rules and Addenda

The following rules are Manheim specific rules that, depending on the subject, may clarify, compliment, supplement, supplant, or be wholly in addition to the NAAA rules and guidelines.

Manheim Digital Arbitration Time Period

Manheim policy exercises the NAAA “local auction policy” provision and provides 10 calendar days of arbitration coverage for Digital transactions with no bill of lading requirement (Sale Day is Day 1).  This includes units purchased via Simulcast and/or OVE.

Arbitration Policy for OVE and Manheim Express   Updated October 9, 2023

In addition to the vehicle arbitration rules set forth, this Addendum to the NAAA Arbitration Policy applies for digital sales transacted through and Manheim Express as OVE and Manheim Express do not operate with a Sale Light System.

Vehicle Availability Policy

This Policy is designed to provide buyer confidence in our listings and to hold sellers accountable for managing and representing their listings to ensure vehicles are available at the listed pickup location within three (3) business days of the sale date.

High Value Arbitration Dollar Threshold Policy

Vehicles sold with a higher sale price will have a per item dollar amount qualification threshold of 2% of the purchase to qualify for items outlined in the latest version of the NAAA Arbitration Policy.

$3000 and Under Arbitration Policy

All vehicles selling for $3,000 and under, by default, are considered AS-IS.

Total Resource Auctions (TRA) Arbitration Policy

This arbitration policy applies to Total Resource Auctions sales and overrides any inconsistent policies.

Second Chance Sale Arbitration Policy

All vehicles/units sold under Manheim’s Second Chance Sale program are bound to the National Auto Auction (NAAA) Arbitration Policy’s “In-lane” rules. See the NAAA Arbitration Policy for all guidelines.

Specialty Powersports Addendum to NAAA Arbitration Policy

This addendum applies to Manheim Specialty sales (boat, RV, motorcycle, and powersport vehicles) transactions and overrides any inconsistent policies.

Manheim’s Branded Vehicle Policy

Permanent brands that follows the vehicle requiring the use of the red light (AS-IS) in addition to the actual announcement.

Mileage Threshold for Arbitration Claims

Vehicles with over 200 miles from when sold at Auction are not eligible for arbitration.

Excessive Mileage Guidelines for Vehicles with Absent Title

For title related arbitrations, buyers may be assessed a penalty for exceeding 500 miles.

Guidelines for Filing and Processing Absent Title Claims

Claims for Absent/Late Titles initiated after 3:00pm (local auction time), or close of business if earlier than 3pm, will not be processed or acknowledged until the following business day.

Additional Manheim Local Auction Policies

Please refer to the Manheim Locations section for additional policy information that may be unique to a specific location.  Select the location of concern and review the “Auction Polices” section, if applicable.

Local Title Policy

Due to variations in either state law or geographic customs, some guidelines are unique to each Manheim operating location with respect to the amount of time a seller has to surrender title.

Arbitration Process Timelines/Deadlines

To ensure the arbitration process moves timely and prevent a lengthy claim, the following arbitration claim milestones each have five (5) calendar days to complete by the buyer.

Arbitration Validation and Estimate Process

Estimates are a critical component of Arbitration/ Assurance (i.e., Post-Sale Inspection, Limited Powertrain Inspection, etc.) claims and Manheim wants to provide clarity within the validation and estimate process.


Definition of Drivable

The term “Drivable” indicates a vehicle could start and move forward at the time of inspection. This is neither an announcement of road worthiness, nor an assurance of mechanical fitness, nor an indication of its likelihood to remain DRIVABLE.

Assurance Policies and Protection

Post-Sale Inspection

Manheim offers purchase protection tools to allow our clients to stay focused on making sound purchasing decisions. Dealers that purchase a Post-Sale Inspection or Limited Powertrain Inspection have Manheim’s assurance that the vehicle passed our comprehensive assessment and was properly represented by the seller. Manheim stands behind every inspection for 7 or 14 days (depending on the selected product) from the date the service was completed.

Limited Powertrain Inspection

Manheim offers purchase protection tools to allow our clients to stay focused on making sound purchasing decisions. Dealers that purchase a Limited Powertrain Inspection have Manheim’s assurance that the vehicle passed our major component assessment and was properly represented by the seller. Manheim stands behind every LPI inspection for 7 days from the date the service was completed.


This guarantee protects your wholesale vehicle purchases up to 21 days and 360 miles.

Digital Buyer Protection

Digital Buyer Protection provides complimentary additional protection for digital buyers on every vehicle with a Manheim Condition Report performed by Manheim employees, or its contractors or agents. Digital Buyer Protection also provides additional arbitration coverage for digital buyers that use Ready Logistics and experience a delay that puts buyers outside of the given time frame to file a valid claim.

Manheim Express – Concierge Inspection Guarantee

The Manheim Express Concierge Inspection Guarantee or Inspection Guarantee provides buyers with additional confidence because Manheim will stand behind its inspection related to cosmetic, mechanical, electrical accessory, and drivability condition issues.

Manheim Express – Seller Release

The Manheim Express Seller Release protects Sellers who obtain a Concierge Inspection from arbitrations relating to that vehicle’s condition. Manheim Express backs the Concierge Inspection results for each vehicle by agreeing to stand in the Seller’s place for arbitration of any claims that are directly tied to the Concierge Inspection Report.