Purchase Protection Suite (Inspections and Certifications)

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Protect Your Purchases

When it comes to purchasing vehicles, you don’t want any surprises. Purchase protection services help you avoid risk and offer different options to meet your needs. Whether you need a basic frame check or a full buy back guarantee, Manheim works with you to protect your investment.


Inspection Services

Manheim offers multiple inspection options, ranging from a basic Frame Check, to a Limited Powertrain Inspection, to a full Post-Sale Inspection. 

Post-Sale Inspection

A functional mechanical inspection of a vehicle’s major components which includes a 7-day or 14-day guarantee.* This service is offered for newer vehicles.

Limited Powertrain Inspection

A functional mechanical inspection focused on the powertrain, drivetrain, and structure which includes a 7-day guarantee.* This service is offered for older vehicles.

Frame Check

Frame Check inspects the structure of a vehicle for damage and costs $85.

*For more information on inspection guarantees, check out the Sale Policies section of Marketplace Policies.

Vehicle Eligibility

Frame Check LPI PSI
Under 125k
Sale Light

Green ≥ 125k
Yellow = Any Mileage
Green and Yellow ≥ 125k

Green or
Green and Yellow

Flood Damage Check Page

Flood Damage Check allows dealers to be confident the vehicles they buy at auction are thoroughly checked for flood damage either before or after the sale. This service includes a visual inspection of the interior and exterior of the vehicle for residual marks or indicators similar to those left by exposure or immersion into floodwater as well as evidence of fluid contamination.

  • Complements the updated NAAA Flood Damage Policy, which allows Dealers to file a claim up to 30 days of vehicle purchase
  • Ideal for dealers who feel they are unable or unqualified to inspect their vehicles in a timely fashion for evidence of potential flood damage
  • If provided on a complimentary basis by the seller, displays a Flood Damage Check sticker on vehicles in lane, indicating that the vehicle has been checked and there is no evidence of flood damage

Note that buyers who purchase a Post Sale Inspection do not need to purchase a Flood Damage Check. It is included in that service.


  • Any/all announced Flood Damage and/or flood damaged branded titles are ineligible
  • Not available for vehicles that are off-site or at mobile auctions, and is non-transferable

Manheim Certified

Manheim Certified vehicles are inspected to ensure they meet NAAA Certified Silver standards. These vehicles come with a 7-day/300-mile guarantee, allowing you to purchase with confidence, and if you are selling, you do not have to worry about arbitration for mechanical issues covered by the inspection.

DealShield 360 Guarantee

  • The DS360 guarantee is available for purchase on a subscription basis
  • Get up to 21 days and 360 post purchase miles
  • Return vehicles to any U.S. Manheim location, for any reason
  • Get a 100% refund on purchase price, plus the buy fee (up to $100K)