Manheim Digital Buyer Protection

Updated April 3, 2023

Digital Buyer Protection provides complimentary additional protection for digital buyers on every vehicle with a Manheim Condition Report performed by Manheim employees, or its contractors or agents. Digital Buyer Protection also provides additional arbitration coverage for digital buyers that use Ready Logistics and experience a delay that puts buyers outside of the given time frame to file a valid claim. Manheim wants buyers to have more comfort buying vehicles online and is offering additional coverage for the Covered Items listed below that are not eligible for arbitration under the Manheim Arbitration Policy and an additional extension period of protection should a significant delay occur when a digital purchase is transported through Ready Logistics. Manheim Digital Buyer Protection is multi-channel, meaning it is available for vehicles digital purchases on, Simulcast and  

How It Works:

Manheim Digital Buyer Protection automatically applies to and is activated on digital purchases that have a condition report performed onsite at a Manheim Auction or offsite by Manheim Express Concierge. Manheim Digital Buyer Protection applies to the Covered Items at the time of the inspection and is active during the arbitration window. Manheim Digital Buyer Protection applies to the Covered Items at the time of the inspection and is active during the arbitration window; As-is and red light cars are not eligible. The process for filing a claim under the Manheim Digital Buyer Protection will follow Section VII of the NAAA Policy, same vehicle exclusions apply with a limit of 200 miles from time of sale, unless included under Covered Items below, and subject to the Qualifications below. Claims should be submitted here. Manheim reserves the right to buy back any vehicle at its discretion. Manheim Marketplace Policies apply. For more information, please visit Manheim Arbitration and Marketplace Policies. Vehicles inspected by Manheim Express Concierge may be eligible for additional coverage through the Manheim Express Concierge Inspection Guarantee. 


Covered Items (each bullet is considered a line item for the purposes of the cumulative total):  

1. Condition Report Protection 

  •  To qualify for a claim, defects must be singularly $200 or more and reach a cumulative total of $800 within that line item/covered item to be eligible.  
  • Undocumented visible exterior damage, unacceptable undocumented paintwork, or missing exterior equipment  
  • Undocumented glass damage
  • Undocumented visible interior damage or missing interior equipment  
  • Tire tread depth: gross misrepresentation – off by 2/32nds or higher (resulting in tread depth of 4/32nds or below) 


2. Arbitration Extension Period 

If a vehicle purchased through any Manheim digital channel** is delivered through Ready Logistics outside of the ten 10 calendar day arbitration timeline, the arbitration timeline will be extended to give buyers two 2 days from the vehicle delivery date to file a valid arbitration claim per NAAA Arbitration Policies. This applies only applies to vehicles purchased through a Manheim digital channel** where Ready Logistics was the shipping facilitator. Buyers must order Ready Logistics*** and the vehicle be ready for release* within two (2) days of sale. Sale day equals day one (1). Units sold through Manheim “in lane” channels, units facilitated through independent auction partners and Exotic and or handmade vehicles and vehicles sold with a purchase price or an estimated MMR above $75000 do not qualify for this arbitration extension period. Manheim and Ready Logistics reserve the right to modify or cancel this benefit at any time. 


  • Purchase a vehicle through any of the Manheim Digital Sale Channels** and select Ready Logistics as Shipping provider. 

* Release Requirements   

  • Payment (Immediate payment or initiation of payment be required based on the purchasing dealership’s payment/credit history with Manheim. Based on that history, cash equivalents like wire transfer, cashier’s check, certified check or money order may be required for immediate release. Some may have a history that only require the initiation of payment through Others may have a history that allows the vehicle to be available for immediate release with no action required. To ensure you follow necessary payment requirements to allow a vehicle to be ready for release, contact Manheim Client Care or any Manheim Location and choose the option for payment/ vehicle release to inquire about your payment requirements for quick release prior to purchase) 
  • The vehicle does not have a pending arbitration. 
  • The post-sale inspection (if requested) is complete. 
  • The owner, or dealership purchasing the vehicle, does not have an active account hold. 

**Manheim Digital sales channels include OVE, Simulcast and Manheim Express. All In-lane purchases are excluded from this program.  

***Ordering Ready Logistics- Clients must have an active Ready Logistics account, set up a new account or pre-pay transport costs to allow for shipping.  

A transportation delay itself is not considered arbitrable. This program only provides additional time to file a valid arbitration claims per NAAA Policy.  

This policy is voided if the vehicle has yet to be delivered within 30 calendar days of purchase