Manheim’s $3,000 and Under Arbitration Policy

Depending on sale channel, announced conditions, or sale price, other Manheim arbitration policies may apply. Please see:  

Updated: May 5, 2015

All vehicles, both in-lane and Simulcast, selling for $3,000 and under, by default, are considered AS-IS, No Arbitration and are only subject to arbitration for odometer issues (present and history) and title issues (present and history) unless announced as “Limited Guarantee”(indicated by the yellow light only). If announced as “Limited Guarantee”, Buyers may arbitrate for defects that the Limited Guarantee covers as per the NAAA Arbitration Policy Appendix 1.

What this means:

  • Any vehicle sold in-lane and on Simulcast, regardless of selling light, that sells for $3,000 and under will be considered AS-IS, No Arbitration and only subject to arbitration under limited conditions; and

  • All vehicles will be offered under the Red/Yellow Light if the bidding process starts under $3,000; and

  • Sellers will have the option to change the selling light from Red/Yellow Light to Green Light once the bidding exceeds $3,001.