Total Resource Auctions

Are inoperable vehicles or parts taking up space on your lot? Are you looking for late-model salvage inventory? Total Resource Auctions specializes in damaged and recovered-theft inventory and parts cars.

TRA auctions are located at existing Manheim locations and bring buyers together in live and online sales. What’s more, these sales provide an eco-friendly way to reuse inventory and reduce vehicle waste.

Why Total Resource Auctions

TRA sales provide sellers with fast, top-dollar returns on less-than-desirable trade-ins, and buyers can get great deals on parts and whole cars.

Buyer Benefits

  • Wide selection helps you track down the inventory you need
  • Manheim customer service can help you close the deal, arrange for transportation, and more
  • Flexibility and convenience: Head to the auction or watch sales online

Seller Benefits

  • Convert your inventory into top-dollar returns
  • Wide audience gets your inventory in front of the right dealers
  • Manheim-facilitated transactions give you the security of guaranteed payments

Buy and Sell with TRA

Get access to the leading marketplace for salvage, damaged, and inoperable vehicles.

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Convert salvage inventory into top-dollar returns