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2nd Chance Users

Nearly 40,000 users have taken a second chance at No-Sale units.

Get Your 2nd Chance on No-Sale Inventory

2nd Chance Sales offer an additional opportunity to bid on vehicles after auction.

Didn’t get to bid on that vehicle you had your eye on? Here’s your 2nd chance to check out our unsold units from today’s sale.

  • On sale day, tap the 2nd chance icon in the header of your Manheim mobile app
  • 2nd Chance inventory is available until 6am the day after the sale
  • Qualified vehicles are eligible for PSI or DealShield


Filter your search to see 2nd Chance Sales or look for the special badge and submit an offer.


Once your inventory is listed, buyers can start submitting offers. You’ll receive an email or text when an offer has been made. A buyer can withdraw an offer any time prior to acceptance. The offer is binding when accepted by the seller.

Please note: 2nd chance bids are subject to the seller’s acceptance and the Manheim location’s If-Bid policy.