Selling Center

Selling Center uses live and historical data to help sellers make real-time decisions during a sale.

Easy-to-use and customizable, Selling Center lets you immediately and remotely see all transactions at a glance, so you can quickly decide whether to hold out for a higher price or let a vehicle go for a lower price. 

You can also update your floor prices and share stats, notes and other vehicle information with other dealers across your rooftop.

Anyone who sells vehicles at a Manheim auction, in the lane or Simulcast, has access to Selling Center.  



  • Update floor pricing, real-time
  • View live and historical vehicle stats
  • View live run lists and block summaries
  • Print, email or export Block Summary and key statistical reports 
  • Save time by updating your own lights and announcements

Take Control with Selling Center

Save time by updating your own lights and announcements in Selling Center.

Try It

The live feed during the sale is incredible. It makes the sales process that much easier.