Manheim National Offer Policy

Effective May 1, 2023

National Offer Policy:

During an auctioneer led sale, the auctioneer may designate the highest bid presented, which was not finally accepted by the auctioneer or the seller during the sale, as an offer, also known as an “if” bid, by indicating as such during the sale. When this occurs, the buyer will be bound to that offer until the close of business on the day of sale* of the facilitating auction** unless: (1) the buyer receives a counter-offer; or (2) Manheim, in its sole discretion, cancels the offer prior to that time, which it reserves the right to do.
Manheim also reserves the right to modify this policy to accommodate holiday schedules, special events, and unique sale start times. Any modifications from this policy will be visible on individual auction location pages.
* Day of Sale Business hours are listed at on individual auction location pages
**Facilitating Auction is the auction hosting the sale event

Location Specific Exceptions

LocationLocal Offer Binding Period
Manheim Caribbean Subasta De Autos12pm the Following Business Day
Manheim DaytonaThursday Close of Business
Manheim Hawaii12pm the Following Business Day
Manheim Jacksonville12pm the Following Business Day