In-lane and Simulcast Digital Imaging Policy

Effective August 17, 2020

This policy has been established to cover any vehicle that is delivered to any Manheim auction (each a “Manheim Auction”) location to enable a consistent and fair marketplace and provide our buyers with information to assist them in making informed purchasing decisions.  

For any vehicle that a seller consigns to any Manheim Auction (each a “Vehicle”) , the seller agrees that Manheim, upon receipt of the Vehicle, will take digital images of the Vehicle (the “Digital Images”) at the current market rate for such service.   The Digital Images taken will include a minimum of 15 outdoor images (“Outdoor Digital Images”) for each vehicle, but at select locations, the seller may, for an additional charge, upgrade the Digital Images to a booth image package (“Booth Digital Images”).  For any vehicle that contains a sun/moon roof, 2nd row or 3rd row seating up to three (3) additional Digital Images will be taken to showcase those optional features at no additional fee.

For any Vehicle that is consigned to a Manheim Auction where the seller already has an imaging agreement that includes an image package containing less than 15 Digital Images or a Consignment Agreement, then such Vehicle will automatically receive the 15 Digital Images and seller will be invoiced in accordance with the applicable agreement.  

The Fee for any Outdoor Digital Images or Booth Digital Images will be processed in accordance with the Manheim Terms and Conditions.