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Recent Updates

October/November 2022

Important changes to get your vehicles listed online
You will soon notice some new features on the Listing Manager page when creating OVE listings. The changes may require a few initial set up steps but will improve the quality of your OVE listings with more detailed Pick-up Location information and Listing Contact details. Read below for more information on these important changes to getting your vehicles listed. If you have any questions or need your online contact information updated our Client Care team can assist at 1-866-626-4346.

Enhanced Listing Contact information

  • You will see a “Listing Contact” feature for each vehicle. This feature is no longer at the top of the Listing Manager page.
  • Your preferred online contact e-mail and phone will be pre-selected for you.
  • The contact selected will be shown as the primary contact on the OVE listing and receive email notifications about the listing. Important: If your contact information needs updating, contact Client Care at 1-866-626-4346 before listing to OVE.
  • You do not have to be the contact. Clear out the text field to see or search for other names authorized to sell for the given seller account number.
  • You can manually add a secondary “CC” e-mail address to be included in listing notifications.

Listing Contact Animation

Changes to Pickup Location

  • All offsite pickups will now require you to supply a pick-up name, phone, and e-mail before being able to complete your vehicle listing to OVE
  • If you do not already have a saved location, you will be prompted to add one.
  • After the one-time set-up, the location contact information will be stored in an easy-to-use Address Book that you can update at any time.
  • These details will be sent with your listing to OVE to make the vehicle release process smoother and help buyers arrange transportation.

Pickup Location Animation

July 18, 2022

Use In-Lane value to set Digital Floor price

  • You can now copy the Floor Price from an In-Lane listing over to the OVE/digital listing using Listing Manager within Selling Center. If a vehicle is currently not live on OVE and has an In-Lane Floor Price, that value can be copied to the digital listing with a simple click. Once copied, the Floor Price may be further edited/updated as needed before activating the digital listing. See screenshots just below. This feature only applies to vehicles that are not Live or Pending on

In-Lane Floor Image

April 4, 2022

Event Sales

  • Any Event Sales set up in OVE will now be selectable from Selling Center’s Listing Manager.
  • If Event Sale is connected to a specific OVE assignment group, then selecting the Event Sale will auto-select the associated assignment group
  • If Event Sale is not connected to a specific OVE assignment group, then you can still freely choose which assignment group you want to list into (including Manheim Express)
  • If one of your accounts is not eligible to list into a selected Event Sale, then you will see a blue warning message for any vehicle created under that account number

Listing Manager Screen Capture





Add to Event Sale Screen Capture