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Summer 2024

Introducing a new way to create digital listings

What’s changing?

  • The “List Online” option (also known as Listing Manager) allows Sellers to create OVE Timed listings from’s Selling Center. These are the digital listings seen by Buyers on, and some private store sites. Give it a look! If you have questions or comments, please use the blue “Feedback” option on the right side of every page.

Why is it changing?

  • The new version of Listing Manager introduces a modern user experience and includes many technical improvements that result in faster page performance, more uptime, and enhanced security. These changes will also allow for faster delivery of new Seller features.

What are the new features?

  • Enhanced vehicle descriptions and editing options 
  • A new way to select a listing type of Bid, Buy Now, or Make an Offer … plus the added ability to create listings with only Make an Offer
  • More Listing Contact options that reduce time spent contacting Client Care to update information
  • Enhanced “Bulk Edit” capabilities that allow more pricing options, the ability to add cc-email listing contacts, and more
  • Better page performance that allows Sellers to manage more vehicles at a time, saving time 
  • Read below for specific details on these changes 

>> Improved Vehicle Descriptions

  • A new VIN decoding system powered by Cox Automotive will increase the accuracy and consistency of vehicle data used across the Manheim Marketplace. This change will be under the covers and built into the applications and routines you already use.
  • The result of improved decoding means Sellers and Buyers will see more robust vehicle descriptions including specific fuel categories, electric vehicle information, and more details about trucks and vans.

    Here are some examples:


>> Enhanced “Edit Vehicle” functionality 

  • Incorrect or missing vehicle details can easily be edited in the “Edit Vehicle” component which is a visible button on vehicles that are not yet Live or Pending  
  • Modify the odometer, add a stock number, or update vehicle details such as Trim, color, and interior material type.

>> New checkboxes added to choose Listing types

  • Sellers will now check a box to specify which listing types they want to list with – Bid, Buy Now, Make an Offer.
  • By default Bid and Buy Now are checked and any changes to the selections will be saved with the vehicle.
  • Also new is the ability to create a listing with only Make an Offer.

>> Listing Contact Information options 

  • Sellers will now have the ability to select the Account contact information when creating a new listing. This is in addition to the existing options of choosing a specific individual associated with the account.
  • If an Account-level contact is missing or showing incorrect information, Manheim Client Care can quickly modify these values and have the changes appear on the page instantly.
  • An advantage of Account-level contacts is the information is not dependent on Auction Access. This means you have more flexibility in what information will show to the Buyers resulting in faster resolution when information changes. 

>> Bulk editing enhancements

  • Use the “Select Action” menu in the page header to apply changes to all of the vehicles you have selected.
  • Bulk Pricing options allow you to choose various adjustment options and then apply a specific dollar value above or below that value or a percentage of the value (e.g. set Floor price at 95% of Adjusted MMR, or reduce Buy Now prices by -$400)
  • Quickly modify the Bid, Buy Now, and Make an Offer options on many vehicles at once
  • Add one or more CC-email recipients to selected vehicles
  • Set or remove red, yellow, and green light announcements for your digital listings
  • Set title status, state, and brandings 

 >> Add more than one CC-email recipient

  • When you want multiple other people to receive listing-specific emails such as activation, deactivations, bids, and offers, you can now add multiple “cc-email” recipients.
  • To add additional recipients, use a comma separator with no space between.